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Platinum TPO Roofing Systems Fayetteville Commercial Roofing Contractors

Platinum TPO Roofing

When choosing a Firestone roof system for your business or commercial property, why not take it to Platinum?

Danny Odom & Son is proud to be a commercial roof contractor in Fayetteville who offers Platinum TPO Roofing for your business. With Platinum TPO roofing, the benefits are many.

The Highest Rated Wind Resistance

Through patented Wide Weld technology, Platinum TPO roofing guarantees unprecedented protection in high wind areas. If looking for replacement roofing for your building in Fayetteville NC, wind may be a major concern. Leave it to Platinum TPO to put your wind worries to rest.

Enhanced Puncture, Tear, And Abrasion Protection

Though you never expect for a tree or similar projectile to land on your business, with Platinum TPO you rest assured that should the unusual take place, your roof enjoys the highest durability and resistance from trees, hail, and other potential hard knocks.


The reflective surfacing of Platinum TPO protects from even the NC summer sunshine. This reflective surface is so strong it meets ENERGY STAR standards, meaning long-term value to your company through this high-end roofing system

A Guaranteed 30 Year Warranty

You didn’t read this wrong. With Platinum TPO your roof is guaranteed for 30 years. Just as your business is in it for the long haul, so is your Platinum TPO roof.

The benefits of going Platinum don’t stop there. Your business will also enjoy:

  • The option of a mechanically attached or fully adhered system
  • Top rated resistance to ozone and chemical exposure
  • Minimal maintenance and upkeep

An a commercial roofer in Fayetteville with nearly 50 years in the business, Danny Odom & Son is confident Platinum TPO is the right choice to keep a solid roof over your commercial building.

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