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Three Metal Roof Brands

At Danny Odom & Son, the use of our custom paneling machine makes it possible to supply our metal roof customers not just with custom styles, but with more metal roof panel colors than any other roofing company in the Fayetteville area.
Your home or business should be an expression of yourself. The same goes for your metal roof, which is why we take your color choices seriously. Our fade resistant metal roof colors are abundant and we make it easy for you to choose through our comprehensive metal roof color chart. Our roofs are built to last, so you will want to choose a color you can live with.

Three Metal Types Available

We use three reliable metal types in the making of our metal roofs, each coming with its own color chart.

  • Union Corrugating Panels. Made of the highest strength steel, Union Corrugating panels offer a multi-layer paint system that won’t show a sign of fading for years.
  • COOLR Panels. The panels that keep your roof the coolest, COOLR panels are available in a wide variety of colors and are perfect for custom fitting to your roof.
  • Drexel Metals: With up to a 35 year warranty, Drexel Metals offers a diverse range of custom colors and finishes as well as the top-level tension to keep your roof panels in place for decades to come.

We have the materials and know-how. You have the choice. You choose the best custom colors for your metal roof, and we will get to work on making it happen.

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